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          sports entertainment

          [SG] about: fishing lures 5-5
            Can I have your online catalog?
          [GR] tennis balls 3-28
            We interesting importing tennis balls for supply to tennis clubs in Greece. Problem is China have high tax. When items come here If 1 ball cost 0
          [TN] hiking equipments 3-11
            Hello dear I'm Anna, from Ozeol International purchasing company. We are supplying 304 stores in the French market. We can buy with wide quantities,
          [UA] 3D Print SLS PA2200 Nylon 3-3
            Hi, I need some components 3D Printed in good quality finish SLS PA2200 Nylon dyed black. I have the parts ready to print in STL, the file is over 43
          [EC] Nylon climbing rope 11-13
            Dear Sir/Madam, I'm looking for products with the following specifications: Nylon rope with galvanized steel core, connection fittings and aluminum
          [CN] Bicycle riding helmet 10-29
            We are looking for Bicycle riding helmet from manufacturers directly.
          [CN] swimming goggles 10-29
            We are looking for all kinds of swimming caps , swimming goggles and related swimming products from manufacturers directly.
          [CN] request Swimming caps 10-29
            We are looking for all kinds of swimming caps , swimming goggles and related swimming products from manufacturers directly.
          [US] electric bicycle 9-26
            Dear Sir/Madam, This is from US. I'm looking for products with the following specifications: Foldable : Yes Power Supply : Solar Certification
          [ZA] MTB 29er wheel 30+ gears 9-12
            we want to impport a new range of MTB we have not done this before but looking to partner for sole distribution for South africa.
          [CY] slow pitch jigging rods 8-28
            We would like to import your slow pitch jigging rods in our country, please supply us with catalog and price list. My email is . Thanks in advance! Ma
          [US] InflatableLounges 7-30
            I am looking for inflatable Lounges for my new company www.inflatablelounge.com I am looking for quality stiching, quality craftsmanship so they don't
          [US] mini football helmets 7-26
            Hello my name is Jack David, I am a representative for Bay Promo LLC, we are currently sourcing 250 mini football helmets, the details are in the RFQ
          [US] Pen Fishing Rods 7-4
            We are the largest import / exporter of Pen Fishing Rods in the World.
          [MU] sofa 6-3
            Dear Supplier: we are looking forsofa. please check if you can supply such products we need and give your best prices. your quick response is appreci
          [US] fitness yoga product 5-22
            Hi Im interested on product for fitness as Yoga for massage Roller, Matts, Microfiber towel, foam roller, Massage Ball you can send me info and pri
          [AF] dji mavic pro platinum fly more combo 4-9
            Hello, Could you please provide us your best price for below item? DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo = Quantity 150 Note: It should be in the E
          [HK] electric scooter 3-21
            Dear Sir/Madam, I'm looking for Electric Scooter as specification listed below and we will put our own printing design and brand on unit. On the oth
          [NG] budget trophies and medals 3-16
            Looking for low to medium priced trophies and medals for sports and educational achievement and other event achievements
          [NG] fitness equipment 3-16
            Dear Sir / Madam We are looking for entry level, home use treadmills, with various functions. We also need a small qty of commercial gym use treadm
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