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          office supplies

          [DK] Bullet journal 4-16
            Hi - I am looking for a manufactor that can print and produce specific Bullet Journals that I design. I have the design ready, but want to find the ri
          [CN] Soccer Ball 4-10
            Dear Sir/Madam, This is Whymon Huang. And this product will be shipped to USA first. Our Primary sales channels will be online. We estimate up to
          [YE] Communication cables 3-24
            Hi how are you doing today? this is Ibrahim from Tagadod for system energy Company in Yemen. I'm looking for copper various sub-cables. If you are
          [IN] Purchase calculators 3-17
            We are Importers in India for office stationery products . We would like to meet suppliers from China who have experience for selling calculators t
          [HK] POP corrgated display box-party city 1 3-5
            975 Pieces 975 Pieces EXW 1.00 USD we would like to purchase POP corrugated box. pls preview our drawing and picture. if you have any qu
          [TN] basketball ball 2-20
            I'm George , from Ozeol International purchasing company. We are supplying 314 stores in the French market. We can buy large quantities of basketball
          [IR] Office paper A4 2-20
            Good afternoon ! I am looking for a reliable supplier of office paper A4, (210 * 297) 80g. Class A. for bulk purchasing. The manufacturers of this pro
          [US] Personal planners 1-14
            Hello do you customize ? please send us a brochure of the products you offer to bizboxco@gmail.com Thank you ! My expected order quantity is 500 U
          [QA] A4 papers 12-23
            grade A 80gm A4 papers,packin with our brand.one container cif hamad port,Qatar email me
          [CA] pen 12-19
            This is FarzanehJ from the US. I'm looking for a manufacturer who can supply Pen for me. We want 1000 pcs pen with PMK logo on it ASAP. our target
          [AE] 1,000 Pcs of PEN 12-19
            采购数量: 1000 Pieces| 采购人: 发布地点:United Arab Emirates This is AmrMoustafa from UAE. We are looking for products with the following specifications: qt
          [AE] 1,000 Pcs of PEN 12-14
            Dear Sir/Madam, This is AmrMoustafa from UAE. We are looking for products with the following specifications: qty: 1,000 pcs Stainless steel and ABS pe
          [DE] E-Powered Backpack 10-27
            Backpacks and carry-on luggage for office use are become daily essentials for your urban commute and your flexible work spaces. As a member of the Ger
          [TN] tennis rackets 10-24
            Hello dearpurchasing company. We are supplying 304 stores in the French market. We can buy tennis rackets with large quantities , and we are specializ
          [UK] wedding guest book 9-10
            Hi, This is Liam from Dragon E-Commerce. Please send me a quote for 300, 500 and 1000 alternative wedding guest books. Are you able to include Hear
          [HK] HB Pencils 9-2
            Flexible pencil with eraser. made of special elastic plastic, unsharpened. Size: 6320 mm Colour: Yellow Imprint: 1 colour logo/text on 1 side Qua
          [IN] engineering drawings off loading companies 8-27
            engineering companies which are sub contracting their drawings A0,A1,A2 &A3 can be executed by us . boiler, boiler componts, structurals, ducts als
          [HK] ABS luggage set 8-26
            trolley case in 16" ABS material 4 wheels qty: 1000 / 2500 pcs no logo blue with gray trim color as like photo
          [TR] Gruber Rhinoplasty Procedure Set 8-5
            Properties:The Basis of Surgical Instruments Type:Plastic Surgery set Instrument classification:Class I Name:Gruber Rhinoplasty Procedure Set Mate
          [US] stationery 7-29
            Dear supplier, Recently we are souring the stationeries. Please contact me to get more information. Best regards,
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