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          Medicine / Cosmetics

          [UA] Cosmetics, Skincare, Perfumes, Diapers and Toiletries products 5-9
            We want to buy Cosmetics, Skincare, Hand Sanitizer, Perfumes, Diapers and Toiletries products. Quantity: 2 containers load. Payment terms: Bank Wire
          [UK] 3M 8210 Respirator 5-9
            We are looking for 8210 Respirator 100000 QTY . You can contract us on this is the confirmed order if you have read stock and you have serial numb
          [IT] Face masks 5-8
            Dear Sirs, I am writing you to receive your email contact, to send you our masks quotation request. Thanks a lot in advance, Best regards
          [CY] disposable face mask 5-8
            Please send your price quotation for 10,000 pcs KN95 face masks. Thank you Regards
          [PE] N95 Mask 5-7
            hello good morning I need a quote for masks for covid 19, N95, color green THANK YOU
          [US] nitrile gloves 5-5
            Can you please send me info on how many nitrite gloves you have and price please.
          [IN] mask 5-5
            The final quote will be usd 3.25 per piece.
          [BR] microporous film 5-5
            Blue/Pink/White/Green Color and S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL Size coverall 1 Unidades Hello, I am listing this price list that is attached. I need to imp
          [BR] 3M Mask 5-5
            Dear manufacturer, We are Prospecting only authorized companies with large production capacity for the supply of 3M official certified masks. Please
          [AR] Facial Mask 5-5
            Hello y Im Pablo from Argentina and Im looking Facial Mask to impot my cell N°
          [CA] Seacal Calcium Powder 5-4
            I am ONLY INTERESTED IN BUYING SEACAL CALCIUM POWDER IN BULK ! ! …. No other product. It is also known as Aquamin / Seacal / Lithothamnium /
          [AE] purchase order (ICPO) for (MASK 3 M 1860) 5-3
            Sub: irrevocable corporate purchase order (ICPO) for (MASK 3 M 1860) Sr. No. DESTINATION PORT Quantity/Month (PCS) Price in US$ per
          [AE] 3M N95 1860 face mask 5-3
          [CA] Full surgeon integral cap to Europe 5-3
            monthly 1million Full surgeon integral cap 25 gr/cm2, latex free standard: UNI EN 13688: 2013 conformity: CE Mark - Medical Devices Dir U
          [CA] Medical headgear to europe 5-3
            monthly 1million Medical headgear with elastics, 25 gr/cm2, latex free standard: UNI EN 13688: 2013 conformity: CE Mark - Medical Devices
          [CA] knee leggings to Europe 5-3
            monthly 3million knee leggings in polyethylene with elastic one use, no steril, latex free standard: UNI EN ISO 20345:2012 UNI EN ISO 20347:20
          [CA] Overshoes to Europe 5-3
            monthly 1million Overshoes with elastic at the ankle, one use, no steril, in CPE or PE, latex free standard: UNI EN ISO 20345:2012 UNI EN ISO 2
          [CA] medical glove to europe 5-3
            monthly order 10million 1)vinyl gloves, disposable, non sterile, sleeve at least 300 mm (sizes m 10% - L 20% - XL and XXL 35%) Standard UNI EN 4
          [US] PPE kits,KN95 Mask,Isolated Gowns,Hand Sanitizer 5-2
            I wanted to reach out to you about the urgent delivery of PPE kits. We are FDA approved importer and have FDA approved supply for PPE kits and can
          [US] Nitrile gloves 5-2
            Email me the Nitrile gloves details please
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