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          electronic / electrical

          [IN] Room Heater 5-7
            We are distributors of Kitchen And Small Home Appliances. we are are interested to purchase ( Halogen/oil/ blower type Heaters ), (Portable Air Condi
          [TR] EVITA V300 OR BIOMED TV100 respirator 5-6
            Hello We're looking for the following products for hospital groups in europe urgently 500 Units of Evita V300 respirator 10 Units of Biomed TV100 r
          [ZA] waterproof switch panel 4 switch 5-5
            Hi, Im interested in your product Marine/RV/Caravan rocker waterproof switch panel 4 switch 12-24V, I would like some I look forward to your reply.
          [IN] Oximeter 5-2
            Hi, We are UK based Health Products retailer. We are looking for manufacture for full-fill our daily demands. We are also target as well. We need few
          [AT] Infineon BTN7960P H-bridge 5-2
            We are Treponix and we are looking for reliable suppliers for Infineon BTN7960P H-Bridge ICs. We hope for an early reply. Kind Regards Manuel P
          [UK] equipments 4-29
            Hey, im interested of your equipment. I dont like to waste time emailing and questions. Could u send me the cataloq of your supplies with a pricelist?
          [QA] 10 Kva off grid inverter and lithium battery 4-29
            I would like to purchase your products. following item. 10 Kva off grid inverter and lithium battery can you please quote your best offer and send me
          [IR] cemp electromotor 4-28
            INquiry about flameproof safe electric motor Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details and profile etc.HiDear Sir/Madam
          [AT] Inverter 4-28
            Dear Sir/Madam, we are an austrian greentech-company and we are developing and producing small wind turbines. For this reason we are searching for a
          [IR] hook switch , push button 4-28
            hi this is Kami how are you ? we are sourcing company and have agent & forwarder in China Shenzhen We got an inquiry for some parts as attached ph
          [HK] Outlet Wall Mount 4-28
            goggle home mini qty 1000 pcs market: Europe
          [US] Digital tasbih/ Rosary Counter 4-28
            100 Piece/Pieces United States Dropshiping 100 Piece/Pieces FOB 2.00 USD Hello Suppliers! My name is Mahad, owner of Tasbihly. We se
          [IN] DIODE 4-28
            Hi, How are you? Please need your help to quote your best prices for below parts BUYING in stock or lead-time with MOQ/SPQ as per the qty slabs
          [RU] stock cable 4-27
            It is Fahime at Mehr Electronic Company which is a prominent Iran _based impoter and distributor of electronic products. There are over 20 Chinese com
          [RU] stock adapter 4-27
            It is Fahime at Mehr Electronic Company which is a prominent Iran _based impoter and distributor of electronic products. There are over 20 Chinese com
          [HK] Digital Thermometer 4-27
            we need this :3-in-1 forehead thermometer, ear thermometer, and objects thermometer. Qty: 3k/5k/10k pcs CE approved for Europe
          [BE] OZONE GENERATORS 4-26
            I am looking for OZONE GENERATORS and not electric generators. ---------- Dear Mr , Please advice me regarding ozone generators for industrial
          [US] Expanded copper mesh 4-26
            We are looking for copper expanded mesh and copper expanded mesh machines.
          [PK] load cells 4-26
            Dear Sir, we are Shawaq General Traders Pvt. Ltd a well reputed name in Pakistani industries. www.shawaq.com.pk , we have RFQ from our valuable client
          [PK] railway coupler 4-25
            GOST CA-3 railway coupler manufacture China Dear Sir, kindly reply to
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