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          Business Services

          [IT] cheap JK copier paper 4-28
            100000 risme al mese dimmi prezzo x risma a4 80gsm cif a catania
          [AE] kitchen equipment, bakery, Refrigeration 3-11
            We would like to know what kind of spare parts and which are brands you deal with? Do you have kitchen equipment, bakery, Refrigeration or laundry
          [US] 12-Selection Deluxe Instant Coffee Vending Machine 3-3
            Hi there! I am interested in this specific coffee vending machine. Please provide me a brochure about it along with all technical specifications, pri
          [CA] Inflatable dog 12-30
            Hi, I’m interested in your advertising product. I want to buy Inflatable cartoon dog, 5m height. I would like some more details. I look forward for
          [US] Iron art / aluminum bar cart 12-26
            1 40' HQ Container This is Baker Hu, we are a trading company in Ningbo ,our client needs us to find bar cart factory as soon as possible.Below is ou
          [TR] Order aluminum scraps 10-30
            We are going to order one million tons of aluminum scraps except aluminum can scraps. Delivery to Mersin port in Turkey We should visit your produc
            High Quality cancer cannabis oil and top shelf marijuana for patients with illness like cancer, pain, insomnia, anxiety, liver problem, epilepsy and
          [PK] sandalwood 7-19
            we are provided sandalwood contact cdesigner79@gmail.com see details below. Length should be 8" to 24" OR MORE WIDTH SHOULD BE 2" TO 4" APROX
          [IT] Fridge Ac compressor scraps 6-22
            We are interested for fridge comprasor scrap Out payment terms L/C only
          [SA] purchasing R50-R65 Used Rail 6-10
            1 - if you accept my payments terms you can contact me - or not - tell me your terms . 2 - whats the avaliable quantity you have . ? 3 - h
          [MM] top-up vending machine 11-13
            By way of introduction, one of the founder of achromex digital solutions. We are tech-based start up, providing enterprise solutions to corporates. We
          [IR] building management system 8-10
            I'm looking for products building management system for training/educational purpose. it must contains power supply, 4CH relay, Smart key, Dimmer 2 ch
            Dear Sir/Madam We are village local gold miners located here in Mali in West Africa we hereby make this offer of au metal gold dust under the pena
          [IN] stock lot of pvc coated tarpaulin for truck cover 4-9
            i want pvc coated tarapaulin other water proof light weight cloths is also usefull for me. width-2.6 miter 2.9 miter 3.3 miter is also fine. my i
          [SG] Lighter 10,000 units 3-7
            Recent, our business requiring lighter for trade support activity.
            Hello , we are looking for attached same or similar model of Balancing Bike recommend and offer hot and good selling models of your factory in exc
          [TH] vending machine 11-20
            I'm from Thailand, I need to make business to import the machine for sale so I looking for partner make business together for sale gamball vending
          [BD] Cotton Combed S Twist Weaving 30/2 & 30/3 yarn 10-12
            Dear Sir We require Cotton Combed Yarn 30/2 & 30/3 S Twist weaving yarn We need FOB price best price Payment : LC at Sight We will be obl
          [US] Sams club item 7-26
            Country Kitchen from will return to stock. All I can see is that there are 0 of these, member wants to know, if and when we might get them again.
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